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We are devoted to quality, detailed, personalized service and tours. With many years of experience in the market, we have the know-how for all our destinations, we know what the service standard is, we care for each of our clients, as well as travel agent's benefit, we are efficient, combine with experience and expertise of our team and professional tourist guides puts the finer points of Nhlamulo Destinations at the disposal of the clients.

Nhlamulo Destinations offers open vehicles safaris and tour packages. Nhlamulo Destinations has won various competitions including the Stamp Rat Race Tourism competition in 2007 for well research itineraries and packaging of tours, this was initiated by African Pathways in partnership with Limpopo Tourism and Parks, n2002 SAB Kick Start, 2007 Stamp Rat Race Tourism Competition, 2009/10 Provincial Outstanding service for Tourists Guides, Future 100 South Africa's top entrepreneurs, Limpopo SMME Business Launchpad 2010, Accenture Enablis Business Launchpad 2011, Welcome Awards 2009/2010 and Recognition Award for exceptional Service for Provincial Tourist Guiding.

We offer a wide variety of a-la-carte safaris and excursions. Choosing from safaris, bush braais, historical and cultural tours or walk with the lions. Our tour packages covers the whole of Limpopo and stretches to Mpumalanga to the well-known route (the panorama), the dream island in Mauritius, Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park, the beaches of Mozambique and the other key attractions points in South Africa.

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